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Visit our factory SLANE by video. You can see all detail, parts, assembling,warehouse, quality control, showroom

In our showroom,Mr.Peter will show you all of our NEO new fashion series. You will see 11 models.

Through this video,you can understand how we control quality. Frame vibration test 300,000 times!

Do you know how to speak 33 in Chinese? Lets listen…

Beautiful gir Liu shows you EEC (EURO4 & EURO4) model Roma on EICMA

EICMA Milan show is the word largest motor fair. EV-33 new model attract lots of visitors.

EEC EURO5, COC. L1e homologation 45km/h, 1200W ,72V 20Ah

EEC EURO5, COC. L1e homologation 45km/h, 650W ,60V 20Ah, FOOT Pedal option

EEC EURO4 and EURO5, COC. L1e homologation 45km/h, 2000W ,portable lithium battery 72V 20Ah

EEC EURO5, COC. L1e homologation 45km/h, 1200W , 60V 20Ah, FOOT Pedal option

NEO series fashion model. Slim and light moving, foot pedal option. Target to teenager,aged person.

NEO series fashion model. Moden city style,all LED light. Target to young generation boy and girl.

NEO series fashion model. Chubby and moden vintage round light. All LEC. Target to young girl.

NEO series fashion model. Moden design, amazing LED light. Target to all city commuter.

NEO series fashion model. Moden design, amazing LED light. Target to all city commuter.

Unbelievable tough test passing water,desert,mountain…

Nice model with NEO new models 

More than 100 colors option, we can OEM your design and put your brand on bike.

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